The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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What to expect in a lesson

The aim of taking Alexander lessons is to apply the technique in everyday life by learning to release unnecessary muscular tension, allowing you to enjoy greater ease of movement, optimum balance & improved co-ordination, whether at work, rest or play. This will enable you to change the harmful habits that contribute towards pain, stress, anxiety or breathing problems.

One-to-One Lessons:
In every lesson there is a period of working in semi-supine which is a classic Alexander Technique position and everyday movements such as sitting, standing, walking or using tools / instruments, etc.

You will never be asked to engage in any kind of strenuous exercise, however it will require your full participation in order to discover your potential for change. Please wear loose clothing to allow you to be comfortable in both semi-supine and movement.

Apart from the first lesson, the duration of each lesson will be 45 minutes. Alexander Lessons will help to ease your pain, stress and strains. The main aim of all lessons are to teach you to recognise habitual tension in movement and thinking and to learn to enjoy the freedom that nature intended you to have.

Group Workshops:
All workshops are tailored to the participants needs, from large corporations to small businesses or groups of musicians and artists, etc. To arrange a group workshop, please contact me to discuss your specific requirements. (Download Leafle