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Angelique Swallow MSTAT  

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My experiences & health benefits of the Alexander Technique: After many dislocations of my shoulder I required an operation, but unfortunately in those days the methods were far less advanced than today. After 6 weeks in a plaster cast and some half-hearted attempts at carrying out the physiotherapist's exercises, I started having constant pain both my shoulder and hip and I felt discomfort whether I was sitting, standing or walking.

I also had a knee operation following a skiing accident, so I know from first-hand experience what it's like to recover from injuries and having to relearn how to move after adopting a 'safe mode' postures. In hindsight I could have avoided both, but without them I would never have discovered the Alexander Technique. I was fortunate enough to have seen a documentary about FM Alexander's discoveries and for me it was 'one of those light-bulb moments', as I instantly realised that my pain was caused not just due to my injuries, but also due to years of accumulated harmful habits. I was so impressed that I found an Alexander Technique Teacher the following day and have never looked back.

The Alexander Technique has been life changing and I've found true happiness in allowing myself to be free of tension and being comfortable in all activities whether sitting, walking or just enjoying a well deserved semi-supine rest.

Practising the Alexander Technique also helped me to enjoy all my creative activities, it really is a joy being able to sit at the computer or use my tools free of muscular tension and pain.

For this reason, I have always felt that one day I would like to train to become a Teacher and here I am a STAT qualified Alexander Technique Teacher trained at the London Centre for Alexander Technique & Training - LCATT. I hope to pass on my experiences to others, as both my body and mind benefited greatly from the Technique. I believe that Alexander's teachings can provide a way forward for human development/evolution and it will be a great privilege to contribute and hopefully expand this wonderful, yet sadly often overloloked legacy.