The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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FM Alexander was a Shakespearean orator and performance artist who developed what we call today the 'Alexander Technique'. The Technique is the result of Alexander's observation and recognition that his harmful habits of pulling his head backwards and down was the reason for his constant throat problems and the loss of his voice whilst orating. He came to realise that these habits did not just affect his voice but his entire balance and breathing in all activities. Over the years he helped many other artists to implement and practice the technique and is now taught in many Music, Drama and Art Schools all over the world. It has been part of the Royal College of Music's curriculum for many years.

Artists particularly reap many benefits from pain-free performance by practicing the Alexander Technique. When artists learn to recognise and release harmful unnecessary muscular tension, they benefit from enhanced creativity and improved quality of performance. Practising the Technique will help preventing repetitive strain syndrome and pain and give you freedom of movement and thinking you may not have experienced for many years. It will help you to reduce performance anxiety. It will give you a new sense of control of your body, movement and mind, bringing joy to all your creativity.