The Alexander Technique

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FM Alexander was a Shakespearean orator and performance artist who developed what we call today the 'Alexander Technique'. Alexander's breakthrough came when he observed that his persistent throat issues and vocal loss during speeches were directly linked to his habit of pulling his head backwards and down. This realisation led him to understand that these habits affected not only his voice but also his overall balance and breathing in all activities. Over time, he shared his knowledge and assisted numerous artists in adopting and practicing the technique. Presently, it is taught in various Music, Drama, and Art Schools worldwide, including its long-standing inclusion in the curriculum at the Royal College of Music's.

Artists, in particular, can greatly benefit from incorporating the Alexander Technique into their practice, as it enables them to perform without pain. By acquiring the ability to identify and release unnecessary muscular tension, artists experience an elevation in creativity and a noticeable improvement in the quality of their performances. Regular practice of the Technique not only helps in preventing repetitive strain syndrome and pain but also grants a newfound freedom of movement. Additionally, it aids in reducing performance anxiety, providing artists with a renewed sense of control over their body and mind. Ultimately, this newfound mastery brings an abundance of joy to their creative endeavors.