The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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The above images unmistakably illustrates how children unwittingly strain their necks, backs, and shoulders whilst acquiring new skills. Consequently, it is crucial for every school to educate children to perform all their daily activities effortlessly and with ease, allowing them to relish their innate freedom of movement and cognitive capacity intended by nature. Although youth favours them, prolonged engagement in harmful habits can eventually lead to discomfort, headaches, and difficulties in sustaining concentration..

Attaining academic success often comes with a significant cost to childrens wellbeing and one that can be easily avoided and prevented by acquiring knowledge of the Alexander Technique. Learning these skills, allows pupils and students not only to improve their physical well-being but also rediscover a deep and profound emotional well-being that often dissipates during our development from childhood into adulthood. Additionally, imparting basic body mapping skills and an understanding of the mechanics of movement will empower them with a greater self-awareness.

Regardless of the nature of your education, whether it entails prolonged periods of sitting or utilizing various tools, the significance of employing good use remains the same. Following my graduation, I had the privilege of serving as an Apprentice Teacher at the Royal College of Music, where I witnessed firsthand the crucial importance of learning how to handle and play instruments without unnecessary tension. This knowledge helps prevent issues such as pain, repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), and breathing difficulties that many students experienced prior to attending Alexander Technique (AT) classes.

Learning should and would be fun for most children, if only we could ensured that all schools teach children the #AlexanderTechnique to provide them with a tension-free environment, giving them the opportunity and skills to become healthy and well balanced adults.

Learning has the potential to be an enjoyable experience for the majority of children, provided that we prioritise the inclusion of the Alexander Technique in all schools. By incorporating this valuable practice, we can create a learning environment free from unnecessary tension, thereby equipping children with the opportunity and skills necessary to cultivate their well-being whilst transitioning from childhood into adulthood.