The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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Use affects functioning Good or bad seating

The above picture clearly shows that many children create unnecessary muscular tension in their necks, backs and shoulders when learning new skills. For that reason, every School should teach children how to carry out all their daily activities with ease, so that they can enjoy the freedom of movement and thinking nature intended them to have. Youth is on their side, but after prolonged harmful habitual use, they will start to experience aches & pains, headaches, including an inability to concentrate for any length of time.

Their academic achievements will come with a heavy price tag, which could easily be avoided and prevented. Learning the Alexander Technique will not just provide them with a physical, but also a deep emotioal wellbeing, we tend to lose during our development from childhood into adulthood. Also teaching them basic body mapping and the mechanics of movement will give them a better understanding of themselves.

It does not matter whether your education requires you sitting for many hours or learning using tools, the importance of good use is the same. After my gradution, I was privileged to have been an Apprentice Teacher at the Royal College of Music, where I wittness just how important it is to learn holding and playing an instruction without unnecessary tension, to void pain, RSI and breathing problems, which many students experienced prior to coming to AT classes.

Learning should and would be fun for most children, if only we could ensured that all schools teach children the #AlexanderTechnique to provide them with a tension-free environment, giving them the opportunity and skills to become healthy and well balanced adults.