The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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Angelique Swallow MSTAT  


The most common work-related health problems in Britain today are back pain, RSI, and stress. With the help of an Alexander Technique Teacher, employees learn how to avoid strains and injuries that are associated with repetitive tasks, by rediscovering their natural poise. This will also help them to minimise stress, tension and generally promote better long term health. As an employer you will benefit from: • improved productivity  • reduced absenteeism • raised workplace morale

The Alexander Technique is recognised by many renowned organisations and businesses, including the BBC, Google, M&S, Chanel, The Guardian, British Film Institute, British Library, Hewlett-Packard as sound business practice. It is easy to introduce the Alexander Technique into the workplace, as it involves no specific exercises or special equipment. Lessons can take place during the working day, as individuals are more able to assess their own response to their particular needs or problems in the environment that they occur, and therefore, can easily apply what they have learned.
£14.2bn is the estimated cost of injuries and ill health to the UK economy from current working conditions, Hence, the government white paper, “Healthy Lives, Healthy People”, emphasises the need for businesses to invest in employees’ wellbeing and has moved health at work up the agenda. This is where the Alexander Technique excels, by educating employees to take more responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Custom-built for your workforce

The evidence base for The Alexander Technique in the workplace is growing rapidly, from University-led studies to in-house business reports highlighting the many rewards of providing this to your employees. I can provide a tailored programme to meet your company’s needs and those of your employees. Your employees will learn how to apply the principle of the Alexander Technique at their workstation and in everyday activities, whatever their age or capabilities. Companies may also find it useful to introduce Alexander Technique principles in the form of workshops during conferences or as part of training days. I look forward to discussing with you how the Alexander Technique can be applied at your workplace to improve your employees’ long term welfare and contribute to the success of your company.