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My experiences & health benefits of the Alexander Technique:
A few years after a skiing accident, which resulted in surgeries to my shoulder and knee, I started to experience constant pain. I realise now, as an experienced Alexander Teacher, how these procedueres excellerate my feelings of constant discomfort, which otherwise would have manifested later in life.

I was fortunate enough, at the time, to have come across the above documentary about FM Alexander's discoveries and for me it was truley 'one of those light-bulb moments', as I instantly realised that my pain was not just caused by my injuries, but also due to many years of accumulated undisrable habits. I was so impressed that I found an AT Teacher the following day and since that day have never looked back.

Just to be able to carry out all my daily activities free of muscular tension and pain was life changing and for this reason, I have always felt that one day I would become a Teacher and here I am a STAT qualified Alexander Technique Teacher trained at the London Centre for Alexander Technique & Training - LCATT.

By giving private lessons and talks I hope to promote better awareness of the many benefits the Alexander Technique can provide, not only to the individual but also to society. I believe that Alexander's teachings can provide a way forward for human development/evolution and it will be a great privilege to contribute and hopefully expand this wonderful, yet sadly often overlooked legacy.