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I was born and raised in the idyllic ski resort of St Anton am Arlberg, Austria, where most families, including my own, run hotels or bed & breakfasts. Growing up in a household that welcomed a constant stream of tourists from different countries, cultures, and walks of life provided me with ample opportunities to observe the intricate behaviours of families and individuals, liberated from their daily routines and the social constraints of their home lives.

Given the limited job opportunities in my hometown's tourist industry, I decided in my early twenties to move to Paris to learn French. Although Paris offered a wealth of experiences, it never truly felt like home. After 18 months, I tried my luck in London, where I have happily resided ever since.

To make ends meet in London, I worked part-time for the renowned architect Michael Hopkins, which left me with enough free time to learn new skills creating my own and others' bronze sculptures at a foundry and workshop owned by my friend, the artist John Somerville. His support and mentorship facilitated this enriching and very physical experience.

During this period, I also began taking regular Alexander Technique lessons, which not only changed but also significantly improved my life. This transformative experience inspired me to aspire to become a teacher myself when time and finances permitted.

In my three years of training, I discovered a real passion for storytelling. Since graduating, I have regularly given talks in both the UK and Austria. I genuinely enjoy entertaining people while conveying the importance of F.M. Alexander’s scientific discoveries on how our habitual patterns of movement, thinking, and behaviour govern every aspect of our daily lives.

My experience & health benefits learning and practicing the Alexander Technique:

I had my first Alexander Lesson in my mid-twenties, because of experiencing constant aches and pains two years after a shoulder operation for reoccurring dislocations from a skiing accident. All my attempts at finding a solution, which included running and other sporty activities, only resulted in aggravating the situation and within a short time, I was also in pain during the night and at rest.

I was fortunate enough to catch the last 20 minutes of a Channel 4 Documentary about FM Alexander's scientific discoveries (see above). I immediately realised that the cause of my pain was my habitual way of moving and how I held myself. I literally found a teacher the next day and have never looked back. Becoming pain free within a short time, made me a very dedicated student and eventually an extremely passionate teacher. 

Experiencing no pain whilst performing all my daily activities, from heavy lifting to sitting for hours at a computer was truly life changing and very liberating. I started to experience not only a physical, but also a deep emotional well-being, that I lost during my development from childhood into adulthood. I still today feel very privileged to have found AT, as I now can enjoy ageing gracefully and without aches and pains.

I provide private lessons, courses, workshops, and give regular public talks to share my knowledge and understanding of FM Alexander’s scientific discoveries. He was one of the great modern pioneers who discovered and understood the importance of psycho-physical wellbeing. I also created and implemented an Alexander Technique curriculum for further Education training courses.