The Alexander Technique

Angelique Swallow
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Angelique Swallow MSTAT  
Course: 5 weeks @ 2 hours per week with an option to carry on
Location: Church House Barnet, 2 Wood Street, High Barnet
Times: Thursday from 14.00 to 16.00

Testimonial: "I have benefited greatly from learning the Alexander Technique. To start with it seemed rather strange... but it works. I no longer have backache. My body moves in a much more comfortable way and my arms swing to the side rather than being joined to the side of my body. A strange side effect for me is that in crowds people don’t seem to bump into me so often as I walk straighter, more confidently and with more presence. It is fantastic to be able to move in a more springy way in my late fifties. I was not aware of how posture affects speaking too. Although I always thought I stood up straight, with subtle changes to the position of my head, in my Alexander Technique lessons, I could speak much more clearly. "But how I wish that I had learned these skills years ago. Having taught for thirty five years I could have incorporated the Alexander Technique into my lessons to support  my pupils and I think I would have felt and looked much more confident in all I did. Better late than never" - Ros B

"You did teach an old dog new tricks!! You have made me very aware of how to walk, sit and get out of my clapped out settee correctly" - Ilse D

Alexander Technique Curriculum

Curriculum: Presentation on anatomy, general information about the workings of the body & mind including all new relevant scientific research. Working in activities, learning how to move according to our design and to our best mechanical advantage, to help us carrying out all our daily acitivities without undue muscular tension. We also work in semi-supine, allowing gravity to do all the work for you us and which is termed in the Alexander Technique as constructive rest.

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